Mashle & Undead Unluck Manga Release New Novels

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Two of Shonen Jump magazine’s big names just announced a new spin-off/side story novel for each. Both novels of “Undead Unluck” and “Mashle: Magic and Muscle” will be released in Japan on October 4.

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Undead Unluck’s new novel is titled “Undead Unluck: Romantic na Hiteisha no Kyūjitsu” (Undead Unluck: The Romantic Denier’s Day Off). It will explore the relationship between Rip and Latla, which was not shown in the manga, and it becomes the second novel adaptation in the series following the first one in February.

On the other hand, the new novel for the Mashle series is officially titled “Mashle Mash: Burndead to Gangan Ikoze” (Mashle Mash: Go for it with Burndead). It counts as the third novel for the series since Mashle manga already released two novels in April and May.

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