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The 25th-anniversary celebration of the old-time classic sci-fi psychological anime “Serial Experiments Lain” comes in such an extraordinary fashion as the series is summoned to real life with an interactive AI chatbot that allows fans to talk with Lain Iwakura herself.

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AI Lain is developed by digital event logistics company Anique, powered by OpenAI, and features the voice with the support of CoeFont. The chatbot is designed to be interactive and responsive in both Japanese and English using archived recordings of Kaori Shimizu (Lain’s VA) with the original anime scripts.

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Interestingly, AI Lain’s response and behavior will change gradually as the communication gets more intense. At first, she will act in a cold and reserved demeanor, refraining from revealing her face to users, but as interactions progress and familiarity grows, she becomes more amicable, displaying a range of visual expressions and offering more detailed responses. 

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Obviously, this Chatbot is not released for free as users are only allowed to send 10 free messages before a subscription is required. Unlimited chatting and extra benefits will cost $20/month (or $100/6 months). Aside from the regular subscription, there’s a Sponsor Plan available for a flat fee of $5,000, which includes 10 unlimited memberships and a commercial usage license for AI itself. 

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The AI Lain is set to receive regular monthly updates, including various holiday-themed events to ensure her continual evolution. It is currently operational and accessible via the official AI Lain website.

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