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YumeTwins September 2023 Plushie Box Review: Adorable or Lackluster?

Harvest Moon Magic…Or is it? We here at LAN are dedicated to showing you the truth about services and products! Welcome to another product review here on LAN! In case you didn’t know, MyMelody, Sanrio, and plenty more “Kawaii” brands are extremely popular in Japan. Beginning with Hello Kitty, the brands have since skyrocketed, and […]

Unmasking James: The True “Superstar” in Bleach

The second cour of “Bleach: Sennen Keshen-hen” (Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War) surprisingly hides a shocking truth behind one of its antagonists. It may not be the big bad villain Yhwach or fans’ favorite Sternritters like Bazz B, but still, the revelation of this particular Sternritter is quite amazing. Episode 18 left fans both surprised and […]

Doraemon Manga Dives into Horror with Junji Ito

dorajunji 1

The famous “Doraemon” manga takes a chilling horror twist in the manga’s newly-released special edition. The manga is titled “Zokuzoku Bururu Horror-Hen” (Shivering Horror Edition), and it is created with the touch and commentary of no other than the expert of renowned horror mangaka, Junji Ito. The manga comprises 15 stories and mainly brings the […]

Chat with Lain IRL: Serial Experiments Lain AI Chatbot

The 25th-anniversary celebration of the old-time classic sci-fi psychological anime “Serial Experiments Lain” comes in such an extraordinary fashion as the series is summoned to real life with an interactive AI chatbot that allows fans to talk with Lain Iwakura herself. AI Lain is developed by digital event logistics company Anique, powered by OpenAI, and […]

Mashle & Undead Unluck Manga Release New Novels

Two of Shonen Jump magazine’s big names just announced a new spin-off/side story novel for each. Both novels of “Undead Unluck” and “Mashle: Magic and Muscle” will be released in Japan on October 4. Undead Unluck’s new novel is titled “Undead Unluck: Romantic na Hiteisha no Kyūjitsu” (Undead Unluck: The Romantic Denier’s Day Off). It […]