YumeTwins September 2023 Plushie Box Review: Adorable or Lackluster?

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Harvest Moon Magic…Or is it? We here at LAN are dedicated to showing you the truth about services and products!

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Welcome to another product review here on LAN! In case you didn’t know, MyMelody, Sanrio, and plenty more “Kawaii” brands are extremely popular in Japan. Beginning with Hello Kitty, the brands have since skyrocketed, and we’ve seen spin-off after spin-off; but one thing’s consistent: They’re All Adorable!

Now, YumeTwins is a box service specializing on Kawaii Items. Hell, even the inside of their box says “Make Everyday Kawaii!”, so you know exactly the theme they’re going for. But, as one would know, brands like My Melody and Kuromi tend to be quite expensive.

The Otaku Box
yumetwins thumbnail september 2023
The box in question is on the right

YumeTwin’s box begins at only $32 a month, and you get a box filled with kawaii items. But is this actually good for your wallet? What are the quality of the items they send you? Let’s take a deep dive into their September 2023 box, the Harvest Moon Magic.

Box Breakdown

First and foremost, YumeTwins is quite different than the other Box-services we’ve covered here on LAN. They have a roundup of items, and you get 5-7 items packaged neatly and shipped to your door. But what I get, and what you get, will differ, save for a few “key items” of the box.

rightstuf - buy now pay later

For instance, plushie types may vary. While somebody gets PomPomPurin, another may get Kuromi. So, be aware of this!

Let’s dive into what came in my box:

Hard Hitters: MyMelody Dango, Sanrio Mug, BT21 Plush/Bag

MyMelody Dango Plushie

yumetwins september 2023 0001 yumetwins september 2023 dango
yumetwins september 2023 0001 yumetwins september 2023 dango

This is one of those items that everybody will likely get in their box, a My Melody x Kuromi Dango Stick. Dango is a sweet in Japan, characterized by their famous 3-balls-on-a-stick appearance. If you’ve ever watched Clannad, their most famous song is the Dango Song.

On top, we have My Melody, on the bottom we have the famed Devil Kuromi, and a dango in between. It’s quite cute, and would look amazing on a bookshelf or plushie decoration!

Sanrio-Themed Mug

With each box will likely come a Sanrio Mug; I am unsure if they differ between buyers, but I personally got the same mug pictured in their banner on their website:

yumetwins possible images
This is the mug I got!

I have nothing much to say about it; it’s adorable, it feels amazingly high quality for a simple mug, and it has sandwiches and Pochacco on it.

BT21 Plush + Bag

september 2023 yumetwins bt21 plushie and bag
Two BT21 Cast Members

So this one is a bit interesting! BT21 is also known as the LINE Friends. You know how the rest of the world uses Whatsapp, Instagram, etc? Well all across Asia (except China, I believe) they use LINE. Not only that, but LINE has these little stickers and emojis for their brand. The cast of characters in these stickers are called the LINE Friends.

line friends bt21
Cast of Line Friends

It’s actually quite a cute idea. As you can see if you compare the last two photos, one of the possible small plush bags you can get is one of the LINE Friends; either the character in the yellow suit or the pink bunny. I got the Pink Bunny!

You open up the plushie via a zipper (it resembles a coin purse but much larger) and inside is a tote bag. Cute!

yumetwins september 2023 0000 group photo

Small Hitters: Kirby Sticky Notes, Kuromi Bath Scrubber

This section will be much smaller, and will focus more on the “Small Hitters”, or moreso ‘bag fillers’ of this box. The first one is a Kuromi Sponge, which is pretty cool, but I feel as though it’s a bit strange because up until now it’s been social items — things you can show your friends or even use in public, like the tote bag. A body scrubber seems a bit random. The website also notes that this can be used on dishes if you desire, but since I can read Japanese, I see that the packaging reads “Body Sponge” on the front.

However, the scrubber in question is suuuper high quality. I’ve used scrubbers that fall apart within a week, and it’s likely Kuromi-chan won’t do that to me! In addition, the website says you can receive one of four variants of this sponge: Pompompurin, My Melody, Kuromi and Cinnamaroll. I just so happened to get Kuromi!

yumetwins september 2023 0002 kuromi sponge
Kuromi Sponge

And finally, in my box some sort of Kirby-themed item. It says “Kirby Layer Aglet” on the front, and I believe they’re for clothing hangers. The kirbies are all adorable in different designs.

Different Kirbies

Verdict: Adorable — Just Do Your Research First

Fans of My Melody or the Sanrio Cast may have their own personal favorite characters already. Kuromi is a huge favorite, followed closely by Cinnamaroll. So, if you’re expecting to be able to select your items or favorite characters, then unfortunately you won’t get that with this service.

I personally find the idea of “Cute Things” just generally endearing, so I quite enjoyed my box! It was sooo fun unboxing it and the pleasant surprise inside of the mini BT21 plush was delightful.

In addition, we here in the west might not know what the BT21 cast is. So I highly recommend checking out the YumeTwins website to see what exactly is going to be inside their next box so you can plan accordingly.

If you are a lover of all things cute, and want to try this box for yourself, we here at LAN have a special offer for you! Click our afilliate link here, use code “LAN” at checkout and treat yourself to $5 OFF your first box over at YumeTwins; bumping down that initial $32. I repeat, for that price, you’d get:

  • A Special Sanrio-themed Sponge
  • A Dango Plushie featuring My Melody and Kuromi
  • A Sanrio Mug
  • A BT21 Plush with a Tote Bag
  • Either the Kirby Item OR Cute Sticky Notes

So, is it worth the money? I think if you look specifically at the plushies, the answer is yes; after all, the My Melody Dango Plushie would likely cost anywhere from 25-30 USD just by itself!

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