From Market Stall to Global Phenomenon: Dessy Hairis and Bydee’s Rise in Sustainable Swimwear

Sydney has always been a city of dreams for budding entrepreneurs. This bustling city is also known for nurturing some of the most innovative and creative minds in diverse industries. One such young talent is Dessy Hairis, an entrepreneur whose humble beginnings led her to own a business of international fame. It all started with Dessy’s passion for intricate designs as a teenager which later culminated in Bydee, a sustainable swimwear brand 

Bydee has captured the hearts of women around the world for its exclusive collection of swimwear. Dessy Hairis, the founder and driving force behind Bydee has a remarkable journey of turning a market stall venture into a global venture with relentless dedication and diligence. In 2013, Dessy was 18 and extremely passionate about creating exquisite swimwear. Following her dreams, she set up a small shop at a local market hoping to get noticed. This small venture later catapulted into an internationally recognized label

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