Bracken Burns: A Storyteller at Heart

In Northern Alberta, Canada, a small town birthed not only a celebrity, but also a profound storyteller. Amidst the quaint charm of this rural locale, Bracken Burns emerged, with a promise of artistic poise and prowess. In a town brimming with love, yet scarce in opportunity, Burns found her niche. Far from the glitz of Hollywood, Burns discovered a treasure trove of stories, something that piqued her passion for sharing narratives, however, it would eventually be eclipsed by her initial pursuit of Physics at the University of Alberta. 

In an act of spontaneous intuition, Burns left the path of science, answering the relentless call of the performing arts. At one fateful audition for a performing arts program at Grant Macewan University—a decision made just two weeks before the start of term—set her on an entirely new trajectory. 

From there, a fast-paced journey began. In an act of cosmic alignment, Burns was accepted to The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland for her Master’s degree—on the very day she auditioned.

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